North Vancouver


The “North Shore”, as many locals commonly call this area along with West Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver, is a remarkable place to call home. It was the logging industry that brought one of the first European settlements on these shores, and the city grew while still preserving one of the greatest backyards in Canada. Parks, mountain-biking, hiking trails, all-weather sports fields, and community centers with up-to-date amenities help encompass a very active and health-oriented lifestyle. This is the place where easy access to outdoor recreation come together with the proximity to cultural amenities of a big city. The safety of the community and its slower pace are very frequently named as the reasons North Van’s residents are among the happiest in the region. Is active living and a well-knit community part of what you envision for yourself? Then you will feel right at home in North Vancouver! 

WHAT TO EXPECT: walkability, outdoor adventures, close welcoming community.

NEIGHBOURS: Magnificent creatures, great and small. Keep them wild.

LIFESTYLE: Active, family-friendly, community-oriented.

UNEXPECTED: The City has its own e-Newsletter. You’ll never miss an update, event or info from the City!

INTERESTING: North Vancouver is proud to have the largest number of home-based businesses in the province.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Among other municipalities in BC, North Vancouver has the highest percentage of film workers, per capita. Your property can have a starring role as a film location too!

YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH: The Pier & Shipyards.

TRY IT: Craft beer from local breweries.