The land that Burnaby is on has always been home to diverse communities of indigenous peoples. Earning its city status as recently as 1992, Burnaby was incorporated one hundred years earlier in 1892. The city was named in honour of Robert Burnaby, a merchant and businessman, who was active in the development much of the west coast. 

One big advantage of Burnaby is its excellent road connections to the rest of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Both the Millennium and Expo lines of the SkyTrain run through it. The Metropolis Mall at Metrotown is Canada’s second largest commercial mall, and the largest in BC. With roughly 25% of the city’s land being parkland or open space, Burnaby has one of the highest parkland to resident ratio in all of North America. 

There are numerous reasons to choose Burnaby as your home and many people do. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Central location, great shopping, variety of parks.

NEIGHBOURS: The median age of the people of Burnaby is 39.8 which is younger than the median age of British Columbia as a whole.

LIFESTYLE: Varied from very suburban with treed lots and good views to more urban with the full spectrum of amenities and walkable lifestyle. 

UNEXPECTED: In 2009, noting that Burnaby is “lean, debt-free, and offering great public services”, Maclean’s magazine described the City of Burnaby “a model for the Country” and named Burnaby the Best Run City in Canada.

INTERESTING: Michael Buble, Michael J. Fox, Joe Sakic, and national soccer team player Christine Sinclair all came out of Burnaby. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Approximately one half of Burnaby’s housing stock is rented. The City is continuing to grow its purpose-built residential housing as well as below-market rental supply to improve housing affordability.

YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH: 70 km of urban trails for walking, biking and playing.

TRY IT: Burnaby Mountain.